The Gut And Your Health

Want a healthy body? Go with your gut.

A huge part of our immune system lies in our gut.  It’s easy to forget that the single biggest source of foreign substances our body encounters on a daily basis is the food we eat, so our immune system needs to be vigilant in order to identify and eliminate any potential threats that may enter our body through the gut.

There is a complex interplay of factors that contribute to gut health, including the floral population (the makeup of the bacteria that live there), the enzymes that digest our food and also neutralize potentially pathogenic entities, and the health and function of the cells that line the gut.

In fact, many of the so-called auto-immune diseases (illnesses where the body essentially starts attacking itself) are rooted in dysfunction in the gut and the immune tissues that are present there.

Here is a post written by Lauren M. Martin, MS, CNS and Corey Schuler, RN, CNS, LN, DC about the importance of a healthy gut and how it relates to your overall health, along with some simple tips for improving gut health.

Dr. Steven Milkis is a Naturopathic Physician and the owner of Green Lake Natural Medicine, located in the Tangletown enclave of Green Lake in Seattle, Washington. He enjoys working in a variety of modalities to help patients of all ages and sexes improve their health and wellbeing. He can be reached via