"has the skill & precision"  

Dr. Milkis has been able to reduce my back pain, when no other doctors could. After years of PT at Group Health and multiple visits to the chiropractor, I gave up on "fixing" my back because nothing really had a lasting positive effect. That's not the case with my treatment from Milkis, who has the skill & precision to make things better.




Kerri Tenniswood    Seattle, WA   
"takes time to listen and work with you"  

Dr. Milkis has been my ND and primary care provider for the last 17 years. Dr. Milkis is caring, compassionate, and takes time to listen and work with you on the best plan for your health and well being. I can think of many nice words to say about his expertise, knowledge and wonderful personally but it would not due justice to the superlative care he provides.
I work in the medical system in hospitals as a care giver for 25 years and I have

James A.    Seattle, WA   
"he's the best of the best"  

Dr. Milkis is a wonderful, caring, compassionate doctor who listens! I began seeing Dr. Milkis at the Bastyr center, where he was a professor, a few years ago. I endure a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I have hundreds of subluxations or dislocations of bones and joints daily. Most doctors are quite frankly overwhelmed by me, and all my associated complications, but not Dr. Milkis! He is careful, and thorough and hasn't ever subluxed a joint on my body (which is quite the

Jennifer M.    Seattle, WA   
"I am so grateful to have found him"  

I felt so cared for by Dr. Milkis in my recent office appointment for a respiratory virus that I was in tears. I am so grateful to have found him several years ago, then at the Bastyr Center, after I had been struggling with asthma, Gerd/reflux, and other ailments that I was not getting sufficient treatment for despite having seen so-called "experts". In my first visit with Dr. Milkis I was blown away by how much time and energy he put into finding out as

Edan Z.    Seattle, WA   
"I highly recommend him"  

Steve Milkis has been my physician for almost 17 years. When I first went to see him I had horrible neck pain almost all the time and was used to having chiropractor appointments several times a month if not weekly. Since that time he has been able to help me so much that I rarely have neck pain and when I do it's quite manageable. In addition he has helped me with a wide range of other issues, mostly asthma, GI, and musculoskeletal, including very

Rose B.    Seattle, WA   
"I'm glad we've had Dr. Milkis to guide us"  

My entire family have been seeing Dr. Milkis for the last 15 years at Bastyr. We are very excited that he is opening a new location on his own. We definitely plan to continue seeing Dr. Milkis in his new location.

When we first starting seeing him after getting frustrated with traditional medicine, we were amazed at the amount of time he spent getting to know you and the reason for your visit. We have continued to be amazed and delighted with the care Dr.

Dori M.    Seattle, WA