Community Resources Online

2-1-1 Community Resources Online has contacts for anyone having a wide variety of issues that they are struggling with including:

  • Disability Resources
  • Domestic Violence
  • Employment issues
  • Financial Assistance/Education
  • Food
  • Health Care
  • Immigrant/Refugee issues
  • Legal Assistance
  • Mental Health
  • Older Adults
  • Shelter/Housing
  • Substance Abuse Help
  • Transportation
  • Veteran/Military Resources

Seattle Crisis Directory
This is the online version of the Peace Heathens’ Seattle Crisis Resource Directory. The Crisis Resource Directory began life in 1989 as a pamphlet, which has now gone through five editions; as of December 2002, over 22,000 copies of that pamphlet have been distributed.

It contains links to many great resources for finding help in a wide variety of areas including medical, social, food, and many other areas of support.

Healthy Aging Partnership:
A coalition of nonprofit, government, and community organizations primarily in King County, WA that offer information and resources to older adults and their caregivers through education and outreach.

Areas of support include:

  • In-home care, transportation, Social Security, Medicare, physical fitness, heating bills, help for aging parents, preventing disease, nutrition, help for caregivers
  • Free confidential information/assistance line:  206-962-8467 OR 1-844-348-KING (5464)

Helpful Phone Apps
  • Seafood Watch:  a resource to help you determine what seafood is safe to consume
  • Environmental Working Group (EWG) Healthy Living: resource for help with determining food and product safety
  • 7 Minute Workout:  Free daily fitness routines
  • Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds, White Noise, and Meditations:  sounds to help promote restful sleep
  • Luminosity:  App for challenging and exercising your brain
  • Elevate – Brain Training and Games:  Memory, reading comprehension, writing exercises/games
  • Monash University Low FODMAP Diet:  Resource for determining which foods are High/Low in FODMAPS (SIBO diet)
  • Gluten-Free Allergy-Free Marketplace:  Resource for finding gluten free food options
  • Lose-It!:  a calorie counter to help support weight loss; tracks meals, exercise, nutrition
  • Steps Pedometer & Step Counter Activity:  App to track steps and activity you do each day