Green Lake Natural Medicine is the practice of Dr. Steven Milkis, a naturopathic physician in the Tangletown area of Seattle, Washington.  Dr. Milkis lives nearby, is dedicated to the community, and could think of no other location for his practice than this.  He is thrilled to be able to say that he will be walking to work each day!

Dr. Milkis spent 17 years as an adjunct clinical faculty member at Bastyr University, and his private practice was previously based at the University’s teaching clinic, The Bastyr Center for Natural Health.  Founding Green Lake Natural Medicine is the culmination of his years of service to the University and community, and he is excited to have the opportunity to continue sharing his knowledge and experience with patients in this new forum.

Green Lake Natural Medicine is dedicated to creating a genuinely patient-centric care experience, blending the best in both natural and conventional healing methods.  The focus in naturopathic health care is on determining root causes of patient’s problems, providing education to the patient so that they fully understand those causes, teaching them what they can do to correct those issues, and then empowering them to make the changes necessary to create healing.

Green Lake Natural Medicine is focused on health care that is fundamental, appropriate, intelligent, and, most importantly, safe.  Dr. Milkis views the doctor-patient relationship as a partnership in supporting the optimal health of each and every person who comes through the door, and truly enjoys this part of his work and the unique approach to health that naturopathic medicine affords.